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Homeschooling for the Future

The creators of Evolution Homeschool have developed a curriculum that offers everything that parents who are looking to home school and children who are being home schooled are looking for. Parents can take comfort in the fact that their children … Continue reading

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Keep the Fire Burning

You and your wife have been together for more than a decade. You have 3 children, and a house where you can live comfortably. Some couple at this stage in their marriage just fizzle out and function like roommates instead … Continue reading

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Have the Best Time of Your Life

If you are like me and you are always the one that is stuck planning the family reunion or the family vacation, you always find yourself looking for the biggest bang for the buck. Generally when I look for a … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Best Days of Your Life

If your father is getting up there in age , you have probably noticed certain subtle changes in him, like the fact that the man that you once thought could literally move mountains is moving a little slower, and has … Continue reading

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The Child Labor Problem

“The children are the hope of the nation.” We hear these saying a lot these days. It’s because there is truth to the message. What shapes the next generation is how the children of today are molded. But the problem … Continue reading

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Give your Feet a Treat

Our feet take us places and hold us up to stand firmly on the ground and that is why it is important to also give them some pampering on a regular basis. We feel more tired when our feet ache … Continue reading

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