Got no floors to vacuum, only deep pile carpets?

We moved from the city to the country because my husband was detailed to their branch office. I don’t particularly like to live in the place where the branch office is located, I requested my husband to look for one within its neighboring town. I actually liked one village in particular. I loved the community air when we went there for sabbatical. The community is close knit and the residents are mostly young and retired couples. I love the reverence the younger residents treat the older ones.

We hunted for a house and were shown one vacant house for rent and for sale after the other. I was looking for a house in particular. The one I saw in the online real estate brochure for that town. Just wasn’t keen to scribble the address flashed in the slide show. I never expected to be in that town a few months later. Then I saw the house. It was not the front view neither it was the other house’s view but the floors. The hard wooden floor that spanned the whole house bereft of any carpeting. The ones I could use my Miele Onyx Vacuum.

Why the hard floors with no carpets? It’s for the reason that my Miele Onyx vacuum can never do a deep pile carpet. It was specifically manufactured and prescribed for hard wood floors and low pile carpeting. I won that Miele Onyx vacuum in a fund raising raffle for my child’s kindergarten class. Now I can proudly show and tell the most commended model of Miele Vacuum cleaners.

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