My Hiking Backpacks

When I first went hiking with friends, I brought my regular backpack with me. It was the one I used for school. My back and shoulders hurt throughout the trek. Worse, the straps of my bag broke so I have to carry it with my arms. The hike was fun but I was so sure it could have been more enjoyable and less tiring if I only had brought a high-quality backpack with me. I was thinking of something light-weight but sturdy with a lot of compartments so I can effectively store and organize my things inside.

A few months later, my friends scheduled another climb. Despite my first experience, I still wanted to go with them. I decided to buy a bag for me, the one really designed for activities like this. I told my family bout my plan. My father said he’d buy me a backpack specifically used for outdoors. Online, he searched for Osprey Backpacks. He said these bags have been very famous for travelers and campers for its durability, comfort and space.

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