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Guide to Purchasing Fabrics

Buying fabrics could be very challenging in the part of apparel manufacturers. After all, this constitutes for roughly half of the entire cost of a piece of garment. Whether you’re going to purchase woven industrial fabrics or Dacron polyester fabrics, … Continue reading

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Spot child bullying and what to do

Is your child seems afraid of going to school? Does he often make excuses like having occasional headaches? Does he loses school interest and depressed? Does he come home with bruises and cuts that he can’t explain? Mothers should not … Continue reading

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He Has a Crush on Jennifer Aniston

I hate it when my boyfriend Googles for the latest pictures of Jennifer Aniston. He’s had a huge crush on this gorgeous woman even before we got engaged. So why should I be jealous, he tells me. It just annoys … Continue reading

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Self Healing

I was reading a book on Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Stress Relief which was given to my mother as a present. She gave it to me and said, “I don’t care about that stuff!” And you think I DO?? I … Continue reading

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Scholarships Online: Scholarships and Grants Search Made Easy

There are times when even though you have acquired high grades from your previous schools, getting a scholarship could prove difficult. And if you’re unlucky enough, you may end up with nothing despite your efforts looking for one. This serves … Continue reading

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Lucious Red

I chose the color red, black and white for my bedroom because of the modern theme I selected for the room. Ever since grade school, I have appreciated the color red given that I was a hopeless romantic. I remember … Continue reading

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