Deals for my parents

Contribution by German Flowers

I came across some pretty killer Dish Deals yesterday when I was looking up services. I sent a couple of them to my parents to give them a hint they need to update their services at their house. They still have about ten channels at their house. Nothing against the local weather and news, but I think it is definitely a plus to have more channels and at a better price. They have a brand new TV, so it really only makes sense for them to go ahead and get some more channels added in. I am not sure why they have put off doing that for so long. My sisters and I will always randomly tease our parents about their stone age TV services. It seems like hardly anyone still uses anything local that would only give them about ten channels. Most people use servers that give them hundreds or thousands of channels. Although, it does not really surprise me that my parents have been slow on the uptake for more channels since they just got new cell phones about two months ago.

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