Trade Show Flooring

There are lots of necessary stuffs at home that are now produced as advertising materials. Example for these stuffs is mats, carpets and flooring. Yes, you read it right! There was once a trade show that I was able to witness here in our city where they used logo mats, trade show flooring and trade show carpets that were all printed with different products and company logos. I knew beforehand that those were samples from their actual clients. I asked one of the trade show participants why they used such materials for advertising, then she answered me that it was for practical purposes. Most of the companies that order such goods from them are restaurants and bars and it is very practical for these companies because they can use it for their establishments. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! They use it and they advertise at the same time. I will never really wonder if I could see a lot of personalized mats and carpets inside establishments nowadays.

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