Man vs. Food

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

Have you ever seen that show called “Man Vs. Food?” It’s pretty much my favorite thing on TV right now because it’s so utterly absurd. The concept is that the totally loveable host, Adam Richman, goes from town to town checking out the biggest food offerings the restaurants there have to sell. Each episode culminates with him eating something that’s a challenge of some sort, like a huge pizza or 10 of the hottest buffalo wings on the planet. I didn’t think this would be the kind of thing I was watching when I signed up for my directv tv satellite subscription but Adam’s so darn charming and it does come on the Travel Channel, afterall. That makes it a little bit more high-brow, right? I’m not travelling to any of these cities but I think it’s great to check them out on the television and I’d never want to eat any of these monstrosities anyway. Adam’s my hero and I don’t know how he doesn’t weigh 400 lbs at this point!

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