Clarus Marketing Group – Complaints?

Guest Post by Sarah Payton

Clarus Marketing Group – Complaints?

Often I’m asked to give ratings on different Internet rewards clubs or membership services, and I’m always a bit side-swiped by it. Why, you ask? Well, the environment of online shopping is a tricky one to really get a firm grasp on and be in control of to begin with. Most of these rewards programs are attempting to offer some guidance or assistance in that regard. But, just like the old-fashioned brick and mortar businesses of the free market, there are countless types of individuals shopping for an equally countless number of products online, and there is no single deal or service that is going to bring every one of those shoppers and products under its umbrella. It just isn’t going to happen. So, rather than use a typical rating scale, it makes more sense to look at these services on a more individual basis and see if what they’re offering is something that makes sense for you.

As far as Clarus Marketing goes, there are some things we can say about the company if we take this approach. Clarus Marketing is a company based in Middletown, CT and is the parent company of . The website is an outlet through which Clarus Marketing is able to offer customers membership to their subscription services. As the name says, they mainly offer things like free shipping rebates and other discounts when you shop at online vendors that are partnered with the company. I will say that some of the additional consumer protection services they offer, like their lowest price guarantee, are nice bonuses on top. For those who do a lot of shopping every day online, the free shipping program offered by Clarus Marketing is surely one that will pay off.

Another important factor to think about when dealing with any business online—not just those in the consumer benefits industry—is the company’s customer service procedures and complaint resolution process. For Clarus Marketing Group, complaints are something they have a long history of resolving in a fair and transparent way. Their superior reputation in customer service and a general approach to business that proactively looks out for the buyer’s best interest is what has carried them for over a decade and turned them into one of the bigger—and better—names in the industry.

So, can I give Clarus Marketing a “rating” that will hold true for all people in all situations? Of course not. Because people shop for different things and are interested in different industries, the rewards industry itself can never be one size fits all. The best we can do is to start off looking for the organizations like Clarus Marketing who have come up with something positive to offer, and then decide if they are right for us.

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