What Would You Do?

I appreciate the guest post, Ethan Madden

Have you guys seen this special show that they do about once a quarter called What Would You Do? When I see it come on my direct tv for business guide I make sure to watch it. I find it interesting. Basically the show’s premise is a social experiment based on things that could happen in everyday life. They film bystander’s reactions and then review them in a studio. Later they will let the bystander know that they were being tested by a situation. The one that really stands out to me of all that I have watched is where a heavyset woman was sitting on a bench on what looked like one of the New Jersey coast beaches. She was minder how own business reading on a bench. The set up was there were some kids there who were taunting her and calling her fat. People would walk by and see and hear what was happening but most didn’t stop to say anything or intervene. What do you think? Would you have stopped to tell off some bratty kids from making fun of someone?

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