Piney Point Village Junk removal

It is somehow ironic how different can a thing be treated differently by people from different countries and different status in life. Just like when it comes to junk, let me tell how a treasure can a junk be.

For Filipinos who are indigents, a junk is a treasure, a trash is golden. In the Philippines, there are a lot of Filipinos who collect junk from well of families. At times, they would buy those junk from house to house at a very minimal cost and they would sell them at junk shops that would then sell those junk to recycling companies. Junk in the Philippines is a source of income for some families, especially those who are poor families.

But when I started living here in the U.S., I saw things in a very different way. People here are allergic to junk and they even pay a company like Piney Point Village Junk removal to get their junk out of their homes.

From that observation, a thought struck me. What if the two races will live in the same state or community?! For sure they would complement each other. The Filipinos would not need to buy the junk anymore and the Americans would now have someone to collect their junk for free! I know it’s impossible and it was a funny imagination! Even in our house here, I also hire such company to get rid of the junk at home.

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