Fly Ash Handling

A lot of buildings are built around the city lately and fly ashes are roaming around its vicinity. At times, when I walk near that work-in-progress building, it triggers my nasal allergy whenever those fly ashes come into my nose. Just the same with my work place—which is a diesel power plant. I work at a plant office and the powerhouse is just meters away from the finance building where I work. Whenever the power plant operates, fly ashes also come out from the chimney of the power house for it is the waste product of the power engine. I just hope builders and contractors will be responsible enough to hire a fly ash handling company that would provide ash handling solutions, just like United Conveyor Corporation (UCC).

UCC is a patronized service provider for ash handling for so many years. The power plant where I worked in might be a private corporation but the plant operators are very much concerned of the environment and they do not want to be tagged as one of the “pollutants” in the city that is why they make sure that they clean their waste. For years, my big bosses preferred to hire UCC’s services because UCC has devoted its efforts exclusively to the design, supply, installation and maintenance of ash handling and other abrasive material handling systems. In short, they are the experts for this kind of field, and companies like the company where I work hire nonetheless but the best!

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