Facility Management

Christmas is approaching and the whole company is now very busy preparing for our annual company Christmas party. We just had our meeting yesterday for the finalization of the program and we were surprised that the finance and administration staff had so many tasks to do. We tried to argue for a fair division of labor but the boys kept on insisting that the men in the Operations and Maintenance Department are very busy as of the moment. My senior asked what are they busy about and they just said that they are busy having their annual building and plant maintenance.

It was a very long discussion that led to a decision that by next month, the Operations and Maintenance Department should avail a computerized application software for the company’s Facility Management. That way, the men could have ease in their work. And out I.T. personnel also suggested that the company should have it instead of hiring more people because we are now operating three plants.
And because of that agreement, the finance, administration, Operations and Maintenance Departments already have a fair role in the annual Christmas party. The boys went out from the conference room with stunned faces! Obviously, they just wanted to have a lesser role at the party! Haha!

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