Plus Size Sweaters

Christmas season is fast approaching and we can feel the air of Christmas as the season makes its transition from autumn to winter. And we all know that when its winter, there is snow which makes the weather colder. And when it is cold, thick clothing and sweaters will pop out from our old wooden boxes.

I remember those times when I was still a child and we spend Christmas at my grandparents’ house. I love wearing my grand dad’s plus size sweaters because I feel more warm every time I wear it. It could also allow me to move and run around because it’s loose. My grand dad would then enjoy watching me as I dance and sing wearing his sweater. And all the sweaters that I wear every Christmas, he would then give it to me as a present.

Those memories are still alive in my mind and in my heart. Those were the happiest moments in my life. And the plus size sweaters are still in my closet. I use them from time to time when I feel cold, or when I’m sick, or when I’m sad, or when I just plainly miss my grand dad. Those are really my comfort clothes and I will ever trade them for any expensive clothes in the world!

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