Face Paint

I remember those days when I was still in my primary years. I used to have fun during intramural and school foundation day because of the free Face Paint activities. My friends and I would then flock into the booth and suggest designs for each other face.

But another event which makes me so excited to be painted in the face is during Halloween. I love to be face painted during Halloween because it gives me a total makeover. My friends and acquaintances would have a hard time looking for me whenever I’m face painted during the Halloween.

My childhood memories are really unforgettable. I never regretted any of it even though my mom would scold me most of the time because I go beyond my limits and my curfew. I am so naughty when I was a child.

Today, I am now a mother and I totally understand why my children are so naughty. It seems that naughtiness really flows in our blood. I just extend my patience whenever it comes to my children because I knew that was also my hobby when I was a kid. At times, when they give me a headache, I just think that I also gave my mom a headache when I was a child and it’s time to give me back the favour.

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