Chinese Manufacturers

Business outsourcing is the most “in” in the manufacturing industry nowadays. Even the service industry is now opting to outsource services rather than hiring their own bunch of employees. Most of the big RTW companies in the US now outsource the service of their manufacturing process. There are some companies who hire chinese manufacturers to manufacture their products.

Most companies like to do china sourcing because they offer full sourcing service and supply chain advisory. Just like China performance group, they have been helping companies around the world develop and maintain successful sourcing programs directly with Chinese factories. They have proven that if a company outsources with China performance group could save up to approximately fifty percent of their estimated salaries expense if they will hire their own manufacturing team. However, a company is required to have a deep understanding of the outsourcing process and needs to have a Chinese interface language in their factories. But it’s okay because if you do business with them, your company is assured to be in good hands.

There are a lot of products nowadays that are manufactured in China that is circulating around the market. And mind you, these products are mostly less costly than those manufactured in countries with expensive labor cost.

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