Chicago Limo Service

Being a party girl is not really my cup of tea. Yes, I could tolerate a few social talks, but never did I really act as if I am a socialite freak. Unlike a colleague of mine at the office who once showed up during an official gathering with a limo rented from Chicago Limo Service just to make a show that she’s one of the little Paris Hilton at the office.

I remember that night when we were really enjoying they party with my close officemates without noticing that this particular officemate hasn’t arrived yet. Thirty minutes after the party had formally started, a black, shiny limo stopped dramatically in front of the party venue. We were so curious who might that dignitary be, but when this office came out, all in our group crackled a big laugh! I mean, we do not intend to offend her and we do not have anything against her, it’s just that we thought her late entrance was sooooo dramatic. We even heard our boss teased her about it.

In all fairness with this officemate, she carried her drama well. She acted as if she’s really someone that comes from Paris’ circle. And the limo that she rented, it was just one of the most beautiful limo that I have seen in my entire life!

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