celtic jewelry for women

I have a friend way back in grade school. Her name is Phoenix and she’s younger by one grade from me. We were very close then. We play together; we eat snacks and lunch together, doing stuffs after class together. As in we are like sisters! She’s like a baby sister to me and I know she feels like I’m her big sister who’ll protect her from harm. I was her confidante. It just so sad that she left for Ireland. Her dad works there and their family was fortunate enough to be granted with an immigrant status. We had no choice but to have this long distance friendship.

After six years of being away, she came back. She invited me to dinner and I accepted her invitation for I was also excited to see her. We met at my favourite restaurant and we were both surprised to each other as grownups. She became a beautiful lady just like me. We’re really indeed like sisters! She gave me a bracelet that has the same design with what she was wearing. She said she bought it at celtic jewelry for women and she wants it to be our “friendship band”. I was touched with how thoughtful she was. She hadn’t really changed throughout the years. She may have changed physically but she is still the same sweet child that I used to hang around with during my grade school days.

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