Tummy Tuck Procedure

Artificial procedures are still uncommon among Filipinos that is why whenever they heard a fellow which did some artificial procedures; it will definitely be the “talk of the town”. But this point of view changed when the Philippines’ media queen, Ms. Kris Aquino, had a tummy tuck procedure. It became the “talk of the town” but it wasn’t like people are gossiping her. It was like a talk out of curiosity.

For me, a modern Filipina in a powerful country like United States, procedures like tummy tuck seems so normal. Yes, I don’t find anything bad about it, nor am I against it. I guess its okay as long as you have a good cosmetic doctor from the best cosmetic institution in the country.

Just like Body Cosmetica, for example. A lot of my friends and acquaintances, especially my fellow mommies from my child’s school, had their tummies tucked in Body Cosmetica. They had a lot of good commentaries about how their objectives and expectations from the procedure were met; of how the procedure created flatter, firmer and tighter abdominal muscles.

They are convincing me now to also have this tummy tuck a.k.a abdominoplasty procedure too! And so I’m pressured! I’m trying to weigh things out now because all that they bragged about were, I think, true!

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