Online Music Mixer

My husband and I compliment each other when it comes to music. He plays the guitar but he doesn’t sing; while I on the other hand love to sing but I don’t know how to play any instruments. I remember a time when he was still my boyfriend, we recorded a song together. He played the guitar while I sang the song. And it was so funny because we only used a recorder application in his PC that time and the backgrounds were really terrible—god barks and our laughs in between! It was our dream to really record a song with a professional recording studio where there are professional audio mixers that could polish the recorded song after.

One of his close friends told him about an online music mixer that he discovered on the internet. Sage Audio is the name of the professional studio that does the online mixing. I tried to do some research about them and I have learned that they have rooms that are professionally tuned to provide the best possible sound. Sage Audio also brings years of experience combined with detailed acoustics and specialized modern mixing equipment that allow the vision of each artist to come to life. With those findings, I am tempted to really get their service to experience the feeling of being a recording star!

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