Drug Rehab

Some parents have a child whom they call their “burden” or another name that they commonly use is the “black sheep of the family”. We had a neighbor before who has a son that became emotionally disturbed and eventually became drug dependent and addicted to drugs. Both the husband and wife became so worried about him, because they did not know what to do with him. They did not know whether they should bring him to a psychologist or take him to a drug rehab center. I really tried to empathize for the couple, because as a parent, I know that they did not deserve to be given such heavy burden to bear.

A sister of my husband visited once and was able to give some advice to the couple. I do not know the whole story in detail, but the wife was able to share with me that they decided to take their son to a drug rehab center. Now that their son is there, he is going through the Detox 5 programme—a programme to rehabilitate people with addiction to Opiates. I recently asked the wife for an update about their son, and she told me that the first few weeks were really hard for him, but their son eventually was able to adjust. She said that the nurses, doctors and helpers there were so kind and gentle to him and all their patients. The wife told me that she has been given so much hope, and that that a few weeks from now, her son will be released from the drug rehab programme. They expect that he will be able to live a normal life again.

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