Calgary Houses

It’s quite sad to know that one of your good old neighbours is moving to another place just in time when you get to be close to each other. The family next door is moving out to Calgary because the husband has been assigned by his company in Calgary. There are lots of Calgary houses for rent near the vicinity of the husbands’ working place and I think they got quite a big house for them. The wife is my new found friend and I know I would be missing her so much. But I know that they will be back after some time because she told me that they are going to keep the house in our village. That they are not going to sell it because when her husband retires, they will be coming back. And of course, I know the address of their new house in Calgary because I helped her in finding that house in the internet. Pretty sure it would be okay for her husband if I will visit them from time to time with my kids.

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