Air Soft

My beau had once been an Air Soft enthusiast. He got influenced by his two older brothers who were also enthusiast of the same sport. Together with their other friends, they became a team. I enjoyed his stories about the sport but I really didn’t know anything about it. Curiosity struck me one time and unconsciously, I started researching about air soft.

I’ve learned that air soft is a recreational activity in which participants shoot round non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms—which they call air soft guns. It is more of a hobby rather than a sport. I was shocked when I saw my guy’s gun because it seems to look like a real arm alight gun—the one that the armies are carrying. The only difference is the bullets. It has small pellets that can also hurt an opponent.

My guy has a complete set of air soft stuff. From the gun to the protectors and gears, name it and he owns it! I asked him where he gets those stuffs. And he said that he buys it at air soft hobby shops at the mall. But there are times when he’s too lazy to stroll at the mall; he only buys some of his gears from the internet. Now, he had stopped playing the game but he kept all of his stuffs as a memorabilia of his younger days.

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