Link to the Arab Country

I never really cared about international news. I never really cared about what’s happening to the neighboring countries. All I cared about is my surroundings and the place where I live. But that was before. When a friend of mine and my God father went to one of the arab countries to work for a living, I started becoming familiar and trying to catch up with the arab news. Getting the freshest arab news is much better for me! Especially during those times when there were protests happening. When the government of Saudi and other arab countries became shaky and the people wanted their leaders to be ousted.

At first I got updated through the internet. I get news from different sources from the internet. However, the news isn’t that detailed. I have a friend in the U.S who introduced me to a website where I could get the freshest news from the arab countries. Of course, it’s written in English. It’s like a broadsheet on the internet that gives us complete news. We can even check-out news from the previous day in case you fail to read them. At least today, I don’t have to worry about my friend and my God father anymore. I keep track with the situation there and I know that as of the moment, they are safe in their present location.

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