Julie’s New Life

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

Julie recently moved to south Georgiaand she’s had a bit of a hard time adjusting. She’s used to being in the city like me and she’s pretty far away from everything down there. She moved because her new husband’s job is at a big state penitentiary and that’s just what they had to do and she’s definitely going to get used to it but the culture shock is still set in hardcore. She asked me to help her look up satellite internet at www.WildBlueDEALS.com since they’re a bit outside of town and she’s also been talking about what it would be like to start a small vegetable garden. I know she’s not a country girl but she’s going to have to become one really quick to get used to her new “out there” lifestyle!” I love Julie but she’s not the most adaptable girl on the planet so I’m surprised she even moved down there in the first place so I guess I should give her some credit for being flexible.

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