Debt Collections

There are days when the times get tough. Those times when finances are so tight to the point that you won’t have any choice but borrow to a friend or a financing company which will make you poorer because of their very high interest rates. And when your debt becomes due and demandable, your “friendly” debt collector will now start harassing you.

Just like my neighbor who has experienced the same scenario that I have said. She experienced that the debt collectorcalled her repeatedly using harsh and insulting words against her. Good thing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is designed to protect consumers from debt harassment. Knowing your rights can prevent undue stress. It is enacted to Stop Collection Calls and Stop Debt Collectors from harassing any innocent citizen who is in good faith.

I just hope that this credit law would be implemented without any favor to any sector. If you are someone who’s experiencing debt collection harassment, and you have been victimized by these abusive and deceptive debt collects, you better find debt collection lawyers for a consultation. Just like lawyers Kimmel and Silverman P.C who’s very generous enough to give debt collection harassment victims a free evaluation.

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