When I was a teen, I never really cared for which color or style of bedding my mom will use to cover my bed. Anything seems okay for me. But when I became a professional, I got more conscious and meticulous with my bedding sets; before, I would also use thick beddings as my blanket but now, I really wanted to have my own comforters. But every time I go to the mall to shop for these stuffs, I always end up heading home empty handed. Why? Because the ones displayed at the mall are quite expensive. But recently, I was able to buy the **bedding sets and comforters** that I have always dreamed of. Thank you to my best friend who brought me to her patronized bedding shop.

One time, my best friend visited in our house and took me to Brylane Home’s website. She used my laptop to purchase throw pillows on Brylane Home’s e-shop. Using her credit card, she easily purchased six cute little pillows for her new sofa set. I was intrigued with what she did and so I asked her to teach me how to do it. And that’s why I was able to buy the comforters and bedding sets. Now, I am so contented with the looks of my bed. It’s cozy and at the same time very comfortable!

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