A Perfect Abode

Last month, I went to my aunt’s place in Cebu. She is a business woman and I knew that she had a beautiful place in Cebu because my cousins told me so. When I went inside their gate, the first thing that I noticed was an imported Adirondack chair that was placed at the terrace facing the east. And I thought it is a perfect place to stay in the early morning. Then I went inside their porch and I noticed a playground equipment. It was something that is not common, I should say. I asked my aunt about it and she told me that it was a made to order playground equipment for my cousins. When we went to the second floor, I had a semi-aerial view of their very beautiful garden. It was like a garden from a magazine that came to life. There was a fountain in the middle of the garden and there were four park benches around it. I praised her garden with a big “WOW”. And she laughed at me with my reaction. She told me that she was even planning to add a picnic table in their garden so that they could have a picnic lunch as a family on weekends.

My aunt’s place is really one of a kind! It is one of the perfect houses that I have ever seen in my entire life. If I were to have my own place in the future, I want it to be like her place. Elegant, Exquisite and Extraordinary!

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