Juggling work and school

I know a lot of working adults who haven’t gotten their degrees yet are interested in enrolling in Online Universities. Getting their degree online is the only way they can see on how they can juggle both work and studies. Some can afford to quit work temporarily to focus on their studies. But most can’t afford to quit their jobs and lose their monthly incomes.

That’s why I know Rissa will take online degree programs in photography instead of going to an actual university to take it up. She has a nine to five job and a son to take care of. She can’t afford to lose time in traveling from the office or the house to the university. She can very well use her travel time to go to a room in her house or in the office (with her boss’s permission) and start her online program there.

Rissa just needs to find Student Aid on the Web. And then she’s off to enroll in an online university! She’s passionate about photography and has been dreaming about opening her very own studio. Soon. It will all happen soon. She has to go get her degree first and then find the capital she’ll need to open a studio of her own.

For more details you can also visit at http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/. They provide more information as well.

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