Hands free and still connected!

This post brought to you by Evie. All opinions are 100% mine.

Patty is a sales agent. She is always on the road, on the trail of legitimate leads. Since she’s always driving, she was searching for a ‘companion’ or an ‘assistant’. I think Patty’s found both. A companion and an assistant all in one. Her name is Evie and she’s the newest iPhone Voice App around!

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You see, since Patty can’t use her cellphone and drive, she can ask Evie to do it for her. She can tell Evie to call a lead and find out if the person is at home or somewhere else. She can tell Evie to play a particular song so she won’t get sleepy while driving. She can even tell Evie to tell her what’s happening in her Facebook circle of friends’ lives! Evie, the iPhone Voice App, will do it for Patty. And she’ll do it for you, too!

Go and download the app now. You know you need that voice app so you can stay connected with both the people in your work and personal life. You can do it hands free! Even if you are busy doing something else, you need not dial the phone and call someone. Just tell Evie the name of the person and she’ll make the phone call for you.

Download Evie now at telenav.com!


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