Enjoying The Tennis Courts In My Neighborhood

Enjoying The Tennis Courts In My Neighborhood

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

I live in an upscale suburban community, where it is quiet and safe. I couldn’t have asked for a better neighborhood. There is a sense of community, and there are great amenities as well.

I take full advantage of the six tennis courts that are located at the local high school, which is within walking distance from my home. On the weekends, during proper weather conditions, I gather with my neighbors to play some recreational yet competitive tennis. I enjoy playing tennis, because it is a more fun form of exercise, compared to just jogging in the streets. It also creates a good bond between neighbors.

One of the great features about my community, is that we have a neighborhood watch system. This means neighbors are alert and watch out for each other. For full security measures, many of the homes also have securitychoice home alarm systems installed. So when I am out playing tennis for a few hours, I have the peace of mind that my home is safe after I set the alarm on. If there is a problem, I can hurry from the tennis courts and be at my doorstep within minutes.

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