Shopping for the Perfect Printer

Shopping for the Perfect Printer

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

My son is going to college this fall and I have been extremely busy shopping for him. I was thinking about all of the different items I need to buy him. His bedding has already been bought and he has most everything else. The one item that remains is a printer.

He used to have a really nice Canon printer. However, it decided to stop working all of a sudden. The head was not moving correctly and it was becoming rather aggravating to have to keep resetting. Finally, it would not turn on any longer. I looked on Amazon at different options for new printers and found a Canon that was an all in one printer and quite affordable. However, who wants to pay the high cost of shipping. Staples would price match Amazon’s price and I could purchase it in store.

I set my home security alarm from and drove to the local Staples. The staff helped me find the printer that I had wanted and checked me out. The store actually had the printer on sale for less than the price on Amazon. I really made out well on the deal for my son! New printer and extreme savings are always an awesome way to spend your day.

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