Products for wellness

My friend loves trying out products that she knows will be good for her body. She told me about the benefits of Oregano Oil. Did you know that oregano, when used with food, reduces the risk of food poisoning? Yes, I didn’t know that, too! My friend told me that it is the reason why she wants to try Oregasil which acts as nature’s purifier. It has a rich content of vitamins and minerals and promotes digestive health. Who doesn’t want a fully-functioning digestive system, right?

There’s also the Bio D-Mulsion which is Vitamin D-3 or which they call as the sunshine in a bottle! This is the wellness product for those who avoid the sun. My friend avoids direct sunlight because of a skin problem so this sunshine in a bottle is the remedy she’s been looking for.

These two wellness products can be found at Find out more about the benefits of Oregasil and Bio D-Mulsion now.

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