Contributed by Milford Woods

I think deep down in all of us lies the desire to have control. If we’re honest with ourselves, we want power. We’re born that way. We learn from early on that our voices count. From the moment we’re born, before we can speak a word, our voice matters. We cry. We get fed. We cry. We get our diapers changed. We cry. We get picked up. You get the idea.

This desire for power, for control, is one of the reasons that I absolutely love The People’s Choice Awards. The main reason this award show stands out is because it’s not a bunch of stuffy old guys in California who have decided who gets the prize. Instead it’s people like me that get to choose.

This year’s list of presenters were also people that I felt were a reflection of real life people. I can relate to Ellen DeGeneres. She makes me smile. She’s goofy. She’s a little crazy. She makes me laugh. The same can be said for Chevy Chase. These are people I can relate to.

The People’s Choice Awards are not a night of over the top fashions. They are down to earth. I can climb in bed in my old flannel jammies and watch real people on my tv service from and feel like I’m part of the crowd.

I smile when they look in the camera and give thanks because I know they are talking to me.

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