A Profound Difference in Television

A Profound Difference in Television

Contributed by Cameron Hodge

I was staring at a picture in High Definition television today when I realized the profound difference in clarity, color, sound and shape from my earlier years. Maybe I am giving away my age but I have watched the advances in technology from a television big enough to encompass a room with a dial and three stations to today’s remote controlled wall-mount, thin as a wafer high definition era with so many channel choices it boggles the mind. Add in watching television with digital colorization of classic movies and programs on satellite tv with best deals cable tv and we now have a completely different idea of what entertainment is.

Take for instance my favorite programs of the sixties and seventies. The Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, The Lucille Ball Show and MASH are all well known shows who still run today. Watching these shows in high definitions is like giving a new dimension to an object. The visual quality of the characters is cleaner and crisper. Background objects that were once blurred and out of the way become a part of the picture, albeit background scenery, but visible just the same.

High Definition television truly is one of the greatest new inventions of our time for at home entertainment.

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