My tween and summer

My tween and summer.

Guest post of the week by Austin Fields

When my daughter turned 13 she announced she was old enough to stay at home this summer while we went to work. My husband and I thought it was an okay idea, but she needed some safety rules first. We both wanted to make sure we highlighted things like ” when your inside alone make sure you set the home security alarm, which we got from, don’t answer the door or strangers, and If something should happen call us both right away. ”

We also went over the basic summer safety, you know things like ‘ stay hydrated, if you’re going out put on sunscreen, stay as cool as possible, never swim alone, and call us before you go anywhere make sure you tell us who you will be with.’ At these suggestions my daughter just rolled her eyes. She understood the basics though and that summer went well, she stayed safe and enjoyed her freedom. The only bit she ‘forgot’ was to put on sunscreen, she came home lobster red the second week of this treatment. After another reminder to put some on, she never forgot again!

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