Come see us at our new home!

Casey Sears is the author of this guest post.

Just so everyone knows, we are officially moved and have just started unpacking. It seems that we got moved pretty quick but having so many friends and family who helped us really speeded up the process. Before we left our new home we called and got our TV, DSL, and phone all ready to be transferred to our new home and address with a helpful bundle click here. I feel as though our son really will like our new area, as I saw some children around his age riding bikes down the street. The cul de sac will be nice, since we lived down a dead end road before, I am glad we are on one once again. I think that it just makes me feel a lot safer, not sure why that is though. There is a community swimming pool, basketball court, and mini golf course right down from us as well. This is a great thing about living in a gated community; you have access to things a lot of other people do not. I was told by a neighbor there is a workout center too, but I have not wondered far enough to find it yet. Now, it is time to finishing unpacking! This should be a blast!

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