Car Allowance

During last trip back to MY, i have helped my hubby renewed his driving license, so with the valid driving license, he can finally get his license be translated into Chinese before he can drive a car in CN. Actually i am unclear about the rule and regulation about driving in CN, but was told that the driver must get his/her driving license be translated if he/she is not from CN. Our family needs an own car, though having own car will have other troubles too like increasing our daily expenses, as i knew that we won’t be stayed at home anymore during weekend, we definitely will go out for more travel fun.

I ever discussed with hubby if he really had the car, he still can follow his company car without driving his own car to office as this way can save a little bit of petrol fee. He was quite against my will, for him, if he had a car, he would definitely drive to office as the time is more flexible by then and he’s no longer need to rush for the time that set by the company car. Of course he can drive his car to office if he have auto allowance like what my friend’s company pays for her, otherwise, why want to waste own money to pay the petrol and even the toll fees?

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