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An Early Farewell

The Philippines entertainment industry is now mourning with the death of two of their versatile talents. The first one is the twenty-year old, Marky Cielo. Everybody was shocked when his lifeless body was found lying in his bed last Sunday … Continue reading

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Bathroom Vanities

Are you in the market for bathroom vanities? Well, just follow the previous link to the web site of Faucet for more information. There is an excellent selection of the best vanities for your bathroom that are made. You can … Continue reading

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Mixing-Bowl Musings

Countless times I’ve heard myself say, “I’m going to bake a cake.” Then one day I realized that I’ve never baked a cake in my life—only my oven can do that. I simply mix the right ingredients and allow the … Continue reading

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Bamboo Blinds

Have you thought of using bamboo blinds? Well, that is an excellent choice, because of the beauty and excellent natural quality of bamboo. If you want to purchase some for yourself, you can follow the previous link that will take … Continue reading

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Pierce Brosnan’s Solo Flight

I’m a big fan of Pierce Brosnan but I’m not a big fan of James Bond. And I’m so glad when he started going on solo. When I saw him in the movie Mamma Mia, I went really crazy when … Continue reading

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Diet Pills

Christmas is just around the corner. In a few days from now, Christmas will be here. Christmas for me is all about family and friends. This time of the year, I enjoy with my family and best of all the … Continue reading

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