Dueling Piano Bar

Have you heard of a dueling piano bar? Well, this is new to me; and that is, probably, because I have not been to many bars. Although, I don’t know much about bars, the ones I do know about can come with or without a piano. But, this particular type of bar has been around since 1990 and the inception of How at the Moon. By following the previous link to their web site, I have found it to be something that really looks interesting and like a whole lot of fun. This place gives its customers the opportunity to experience music that most everyone is familiar with. The musicians that play there are very talented, and the customers also get the opportunity to participate in signing to the songs, hence the name Howl at the Moon. It has become a very popular attraction for many people, and there are now 14 locations to choose from. They can even book parties, and you can win an opportunity to have a party for up to 100 people. If you want to contact someone to learn more about their particular location and for planning a party or a visit there, you can visit their web site and get contact information for each individual location. I think I would really enjoy a setting like this. Get your own opportunity to Howl at the Moon.

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