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Peace for Willie and Joey

After years of being “mortal enemies” through their noontime programs of two competing television stations, Willie Revillame and Joey de Leon are now friends. They kissed and made-up at the Supreme Awards night in a hotel at Taguig. It was … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Feeders

Are you looking for hummingbird feeders? You can find what you are looking for by following the previous link to the web site of Birdfeeders. This is one of my favorite types of birds. I love to watch them, and … Continue reading

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Abusive relationship

Why do women tolerate physical abuse of their love one especially if it is her husband, live-in partner, or even boyfriend? Well, some say that woman tends to stick in the relationship because they still believe that they can change … Continue reading

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Custom Christmas Cards

Now is the best time to get ready for sending holiday greetings and best wishes to the people who mean so much to you. I have always enjoyed receiving a Christmas card, and I especially like the ones that have … Continue reading

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Learn to Appreciate Your Children

Although our children give us much problems and almost driving us crazy, they are still our children and we should see to it that they are appreciated when they do something good. See the good side in them rather than … Continue reading

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Door Hardware

Are you looking for door hardware? Well, you can find everything that you will need for your home at the web site of Door Hardware Plus. Just follow the previous link to their web site for more information. Shop online … Continue reading

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