The Soccer Mom

If you are keeping up with the episodes of the Sproutwells, you have noticed that nosy Rosy always shows up to keep up with the latest news on the family of Sproutwells. Now she thinks she has finally found out where all of the packages are coming from. Baby ordered the new pink dress that Ruby is wearing from freshfunds.

Poor Ruby keeps getting hit very hard in the face with the soccer ball; even so, Mrs. Sproutwell keeps cheering her on as if everything is going great! That is the way some soccer moms are. I know of one soccer mom that goes even farther in her craziness. Imagine this, out of nowhere comes a mother on the sidelines; she has stuffed under her oversized soccer uniform shirt two soccer balls! Well, to say the least it was very hilarious, ridiculous maybe, but it was all done in fun. Some people will do just about anything to get a laugh.

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