The New Sproutwells Episode

Check out the new sproutwells video; as always, it is a funny cartoon about a family of vegetables that are animated and live in their own house. In this episode, Ruby, the daughter, gets a new pet and decides to call it Fido. Well, it looks like the cross between a cucumber and a dog. Ruby wants to keep the new pet, and asks her mother if she can. Well, the neighbor is not very impressed with the sproutwells, and her dislike is noticed by the family. The new pet Fido urinates on the neighbor foot, and Ruby says that she makes a good fire hydrant. I think that was a very funny part in the episode, and I enjoyed the humor in it. Enjoy the video and tell your friends about it also. Find out how you can save money and obtain reward points by eating Chiquita and Fresh Express products. You can exchange your reward points for great prizes or donate them to charity.

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