Lasik Technology

The department of defense (DOD) and NASA are using the latest technology to correct vision for their personnel. They have found the use of LASIK information to be beneficial to them, and they have the most up-to-date cutting edge for LASIK technology. They are using a technology called iLASIK; this is the best technology available, and it is much safer than now because there are no knifes used, and two lasers do the procedure that is controlled by a computer. This prevents any accidents, because the computer compensates for any eye movement. One laser makes a flap in the cornea and the other laser reshapes the cornea.

Most people are candidates for this surgery, though there are a few that are not compatible for the old method or this method. However, the US military has had a 95% success rate for this procedure to create 20/20 uncorrected vision or even better in 100 of their personnel.

In addition to the dual laser technology, what is different about this surgery is that it is customized for each individual patient. Each eye of every individual is mapped in 3D to make sure that the procedure is perfectly suited for each eye. That is why you are sure the get the best possible results that could ever be given.

I would love to have this procedure done, and I am sure that all of my friends would love to have this procedure performed also. For more information follow the link above.

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