There is a film that is really something that everyone should watch. It is called I.O.U.S.A. With the horrible state of our economy, it is time that people really do something about it; I mean that the elected representative of our country really needs to do something about the money that just keeps going out of our county. We cannot continue to be the country that we are and have been in the past. People need to invest in and keep the money in the USA; foreign workers both legal and illegal come here and make a lot of money, and then a lot of that money is sent home to make their country stronger. I am not faulting people taking care of their families; but what I am saying is that we have unemployed workers here in the USA that are legal citizens, and they cannot get a job because there are foreigners coming into our country all the time illegally. It is not just the simple dirty little jobs that US citizens will not do, it is also jobs in the construction industry that is being given to illegal aliens; when this happens, the other workers who are legal citizens cannot get a decent paying job because the jobs that they once had are given to illegal aliens so that the company can make more profits. Well, what is going to happen is that then there will not be anyone able to buy the products that many companies produce. Not only that, now with the housing crunch, people are losing their homes, and the only ones that are profiting from this are the big banks that the government keeps giving breaks to. I would not be surprised if they will be giving those houses to the illegal aliens too!
Anyway, watch this movie, which is being released for one night only on August 21, 2008. It will be in theaters across the nation. It features Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson and Dave Walker. If you want more information follow the above link, you can also go to Fathom Event online to stay informed about this one night event.

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