Dymo Label Maker

I remember my first grade class on the first day of school. It was, of course, a totally new experience for me. I looked around and I saw a lot of new faces; they were the neighborhood kids, but they were people I did not even know. I had the misfortune of living about 1 mile up the road from the boundary that would allow me to go to another school. So, I went to the poorer school instead, and I did not like that at all.

There were some good things though, like lunch time and outside recess. And I did like spelling, but mathematics or arithmetic was not so easy for me especially the subtraction, I really hated that part!

We had to pack our own lunches back then; it was not until about the 4th grade that we had hot lunches brought to our school. I really liked it when we had fresh hot food, and I especially liked to drink the chocolate milk; sometimes we could purchase more than 1 chocolate milk. But, I also liked to bring my lunches in my Superman lunch box. Lunch boxes were very popular at that time, and every kid wanted to have the best one. Sometimes we had the same lunch box, but we could label them with a neat Dymo label writer 450 turbo from LabelCity. There were different color labels, and we would use them to put our names on the lunch boxes. We also found other uses for the Color labels, we would label our books, our pencil holders, our back packs, and our thermos bottles; and anything we could put a Dymo label on, we would do it. Nowadays, Dymo labels have so many more applications, if we had back then what we have now, we would have labeled so many more things. I know I would have loved that, and my world would be very organized with the Dymo labels.

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