Denim Jeans

Everytime when I am stress, I usually go out and go shopping. Eat as much as I can to take my depression away. Yeah but in the end, I blame myself from eating too much. I gained a lot because from eating too much. Oh well, foods are my medicine to take my boredom away. Or sometimes if I have enough money, I go for shopping, treat myself and buy clothes. Shopping is really a lot of fun. I’m sure all of you love shopping too. About a month ago, I just bought a pair of shoes but until now I didn’t wear it yet. I will wait until I can buy a new pair of jeans to match them. When it comes to clothing, I am very fashionable. I like to match my outfit with shoes, bag, bangles and et cetera.

Anyway, I really like Denim products. I have a denim jacket that I bought about 2 years ago and I never washed it yet to prevent from fading. Usually, I spray on it. I don’t like to wash it to avoid shrinking. I also have something in the jacket and I do not want that to wash out. Do you think I am weird? Well, this jacket is not stinky.

Today, after a few browse on the internet, I found a website that sells denim products. The website called bootlegger. They have a huge selection of denim products that you can choose from. They have incredible designs. If you are a denim fanatic, just click the previous link provided to get you there. Have fun shopping.

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