Ultimate Flirting Championship

Have you heard of the “Ultimate Flirting Championship”? Follow the link for more information on how you can participate in a contest sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5.

What does it take to get your heart beating passionately for a woman that you are trying to impress without being insulting? That is a good question, but be sure to compliment her looks, especially her hair. Even if it looks like hair from a bride of Frankenstein movie, don’t forget to tell her how wonderful her hair looks, especially if she styled it with Extreme Style by VO5. But, you are in trouble if she thinks her hair is a mess!

Well, I have heard some very bad pick up lines before. Try this one for example, “When I look at your face, it makes time stand still.” (Maybe she is thinking, He said “Your face would stop a clock!”). Even the most sincere compliment can go wrong. But, if you are lucky a sincere compliment can, also, go a long way.
Whatever it takes, try your hand at achieving Victory Hair; that is the kind of hair that it does not matter if it gets a little messed up in the heat of passion. Have fun and play the “Ultimate Flirting Championship”.

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