Summer Camp Care Packages

Yikes, summer in the USA is really hot compare to the Philippines. The heat makes your skin dry and makes you weak too. So, almost everyday I went to the gym with my children and let them swim in the pool. I let them swim in the outdoor pool in order to smell the fresh air and enjoy with the other kids too. I have noticed that there’s a lot of people stay in the outdoor pool than the indoor pool.

Since its summer vacation, I made an arrangement with my friends to go camping. We will go a family camping together. They will also bring their children. Surely, my children will be happy about this. I didn’t tell them about our plan next week. Today, I went to the mall and bought a lot of stuffs for our camping. My friend gave me this website too at He said, I can find a lot of camping gifts in this website. He is right, I found the one that I have been looking in the mall. It’s the camp care packages! Yay, my daughter would love this little tiny Disney Princesses Coin Purse with sweets in it. Oh boy, she loves Disney characters.

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