Hybrid Cars

Are you interested in Hybrid Cars? Well, I certainly am interested in anything that will help us to make the USA independent of foreign oil. Let’s face it; we spend too much money on oil produced by other countries. We need to change the energy that we consume to solely energy from the USA. Let the oil producing countries lose their USA market; they do not care about us anyway.

After all that we have done for the world, now we have countries that hate us that are trying to destroy us economically. Well, I for one will do my best to avoid anything that makes those countries stronger. We need to convert our electric power generating systems to wind power, we need to convert our automobiles to engines that run on natural gas that comes solely from the USA, and we need to use ever possible means that we can to eliminate our dependency on foreign oil.

We need to do all that we can to keep the USA as the great nation that it is. I personally would like to tell Citgo with its Venezuelan oil to get out of our country. And we don’t need to continue making ourselves dependent on energy from other countries any longer.

Write your congress man to help us to convert our engines for run on natural gas now!

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