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Are you looking for a place to stay while on vacation in Ireland? If you have not yet made your room accommodations, you should consider County Clare. It is on the west coast of Ireland with direct access to the Atlantic. There are a lot of beautiful houses, cottages, or bungalows to choose from. You should also check out the County Galway which is immediately north and adjacent to County Clare.

I have always wanted to visit Ireland. One of my most favorite things to do while there would be to visit some of the hot spots for the local music. I enjoy the heritage that the music from Ireland has brought to the USA, and I would like to sort of travel, in time, back to where it all started. When I hear the folk music from Ireland, I get excited, and I am very impressed, and I want to listen to more. If you are interested in visiting the Emerald Isle, follow the links above for more information. There is a lot that you will find there to make your trip very enjoyable. Have fun!

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